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We will provide the golf outing with a cash beverage cart selling refreshments, beer and snacks at no charge to your outing – golfers pay cash as they go.  You may opt to have the beverage cart keep a tab for your outing for a flat fee of $50 per cart and the per item cost of the beverages will be provided to you before the event. A total will be tallied at the end of the day and added to your outing price.


Should you choose, three beverage stations (coolers with ice) will be located between holes 2&17, 6&15 and 8&12.  Beverages will be stocked and replenished at a price of $60. per case of domestic beer, $80 per case of import beer.  Plastics (pop and Gatorade) will be replenished at a cost of $40 per case.  Bottled water at a cost of $30 per case.

$175 For 3 ½ gallons of Margaritas including cups,
ice and garnish.   |  Serves 50+

$175 / 3 ½ gallons of Margaritas or Hurricanes including cups, ice, garnish ~ Serves 50+



All outings include draft beer (domestic) until the end of dinner service – the bar then becomes a cash bar!  We will provide full bar service for your outing and a bartender is provided.  The bar can be run as a cash bar or you are able
to run a tab for all drinks (Birdie bar drinks are
$4.00/Eagle Bar (higher end liquor) will be $5.00 per drink). 
These can be tallied and added to your bill at the end of
the event.

We recommend that you purchase a banner to hang at registration
and then at dinner with all the sponsors.

           ~Allow a minimum of two weeks~
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